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               Hi my name is Wanda and I got my first Welsh Springer Spaniel in 1986 her name was Hazel.  The dogs I have had since childhood are a Border Collie/Sooty, two Poodles/Chuck + Biskit, Poodle- Field Spaniel Cross/Kye, WSS/Daisy, WSS/Kira, WSS/Red & Cloud.

                When Kye died I could not decide whether to go back to Poodles or maybe try a Spaniel.  I went in July 1985 to Paignton Champion Show to look at all the Gundog Breeds and choose.  I Quite liked the English Springers, but when I was standing by their show ring I looked over to the next ring and saw some beautiful red and white spaniels.  I walked over and started to talk to a lady with two of these lovely dogs, I found them friendly and very outgoing.   She told me that she had a litter due and would I like to come up to the New Forrest and see them at 4 weeks.

                 The time went slowly, then the day arrived.  My friend Diane and I drove up to the New Forrest to look at these Babies.  When we arrived we got some bad/good news.  Mrs. Marjerus, the breeder, informed us that the litter was not good enough for showing, but she had two 8 week old baby girls that would be suitable.  So after a lot of oohhs and aahhs Hazel was on the way to her new home, and the rest is history. 

                She was my sons and my constant companion, never far from our sides, she was also  devoted to my mother, that might have been the special breakfasts and lunches she prepared for her on her 'stay with nanny days'.  Hazel was nearly 10 when I met my Welsh husband, him never owning a dog in his life, not even knowing what a Welsh Springer was.  She fell in love with him and spent more time with him than me.  She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and took pride of place in my photos.

                     We lost Hazel at the age of ten, 7 months after my wedding, life without her was awful.  I cannot express the sadness and emptiness we all felt.  Always expecting to see that wonderful greeting and wagging tail. 

                 Two months after her death we got a phone call from a friend/breeder to say that her Bitch had 8 puppies and would we like one.  Then Daisy came into our lives.  She is my baby, even now at the age of 13, deaf with Alzheimer's, I dread the day she leaves me.

                   I tried for many years to breed, without success.  Then when I was about to give up I had one more try.  On the 23-3-03 Red and Cloud were born.   I wanted a girl to keep but got two boys, and well we decided to keep them both.  Never ever keep two puppies from the same litter, especially if they are both boys



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